[CaBSSem] Cognition & Brain Sciences Seminar TODAY: Adele Quigley-McBride (SFU)

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Fri Dec 1 11:48:32 PST 2023

The Cognition and Brain Science Seminar (CaBSSem) next meets TODAY at 3:00pm in the Psychology Reading Room (Cornett A228) featuring Adele Quigley-McBride (SFU) speaking on "How Minutiae Frequency is Perceived and Used by Expert Forensic Fingerprint Analysts" (abstract below).

Many attend FTF, but we also livestream sessions at


For students/faculty at UVic, best practice is to launch the Zoom app and then click "Sign in with SSO" so that you access the call from the UVic Zoom.

Schedule at https://www.wynnlab.org/cabssem

Hope to see you this afternoon!

How Minutiae Frequency is Perceived and Used by Expert Forensic Fingerprint Analysts

Expert forensic fingerprint analysts consider the appearance, placement, and number of features (called minutiae) within a fingerprint pattern that correspond when deciding whether two fingerprints originated from the same person. Although we know that minutiae vary in frequency, there are no large-scale studies assessing the actual base rates, or analysts’ perceptions of those base rates. Given that people struggle with base rate estimation but still use their sense of base rates when making decisions, fingerprint analysts perceptions of base rates are likely to influence their forensic decisions whether they are accurate or not. Dr. Quigley-McBride will present two studies assessing expert fingerprint analysts’ subjective estimates of fingerprint minutiae base rates were examined in two studies, including between and within analyst consistency and reports of how they use this information in fingerprint analyses. Dr. Quigley-McBride will discuss how these data shed light on expert fingerprint analysts' judgments and how these data can be used to improve forensic decisions.
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