[CaBSSem] CaBSSem: John McDonald (SFU) on ERP studies of visual attention and, what?

Stephen Lindsay slindsay at uvic.ca
Fri Jan 27 08:56:45 PST 2023

The Cognition and Brain Science Seminar (CaBSSem) this very day from 3:00 in the Psychology Reading Room (Cornett A228) featuring Prof. John McDonald (SFU) speaking on ""Using event-related potentials to study attention and distraction in HEL* (*human electrophysiology lab)."

Many attend FTF, but we also livestream sessions at


This is the CORRECTED new link for 2023.

For students/faculty at UVic, best practice is to launch the Zoom app and then click "Sign in with SSO" so that you access the call from the UVic Zoom.

Schedule at https://oac.uvic.ca/lindsaylab/open-science/ .

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