[CaBSSem] CaBSSems in next two weeks and beyond

Stephen Lindsay slindsay at uvic.ca
Thu Nov 24 11:26:53 PST 2022

Hi. This Friday we have Debbie Kelly (U Manitoba) on age-related changes in spatial navigation.

The next Friday, Eric Mah will report on work he has been leading on interactions between semantics and the nature of the memory tasks.

Then on TUESDAY 6 December (which in the UVic calendar is classed, so to speak, as a FRIDAY) I will talk about recent research on "truthiness" that Kaitlyn Fallow, Hartmut Blank, and Eryn Newman have been pursuing (including a study for which data collection is ongoing!).

I'm sending this now with the particular hope of inspiring folks to make a note about the Tuesday event, given it departs from our usual schedule.

All are welcome to attend. We continue to offer a Zoom option.

Note also that there are several slots yet open for the Spring semester.  Let me know if you want one.

D. Stephen Lindsay, Ph.D
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