[CaBSSem] CaBSSem Friday at 2:30: Prof Debbie Kelly (U Manitoba) on age-related decline in spatial navigation

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The Cognition and Brain Science Seminar (CaBSSem) this Friday from 2:30 in the Psychology Reading Room (Cornett A228) features Prof. Debbie Kelly (U Manitoba) speaking on Crumbling Foundations: Age-related Decline in Geometric Cue Use During Spatial Reorientation

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Meeting ID: 848 3816 6840  Password: 982785

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Schedule at https://oac.uvic.ca/lindsaylab/open-science/ .   If you would like to host a session of cabssem please email me.  Dates assigned on a first-come/first-served basis.

Hope to see you Friday.

Abstract:  Orientation is the critical first step in navigation. When lost, or in a new environment, one must reorient to determine which direction to begin traveling. Considerable research over the years has shown a diversity of species use featural (e.g., color or pattern) and geometric (e.g., distance or direction) information from objects or boundaries to reorient. Interestingly, even when featural cues are present and reliably predict the location of a hidden target, many animals encode geometric information from the surfaces of an enclosed environment. Geometry has been argued to provide a foundation upon which featural cues are built. However, the encoding of geometry may decline with age. The crumbling foundations of a spatial representation may leave older individuals lost in featurally familiar environments. My research presentation will take a comparative approach to examine this possibility.

D. Stephen Lindsay, Ph.D
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Department of Psychology
University of Victoria

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