[CaBSSem] [Psychat] CABS Seminar Friday at 3:00 pm

Daniel Bub dbub at uvic.ca
Tue Oct 8 12:04:12 PDT 2019

This Friday (October 11th), our CABS seminar will feature Alison Campbell.   The title and abstract are presented below.

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Title: Psychometrics of face identification


In my talk, I will share a new project in its early stages that is focused on processing speed of face images for identity information (i.e., speed of face identification) and quantifying the speed of different steps in the visual analysis of face images. These steps include basic retinal processing, low-level visual encoding in early visual areas, and high-level face identity recognition in high-level visual areas. As this fits more broadly into a new direction being taken by our lab to investigate visual processing times using ultra-rapid visual presentation, I will also discuss topics relevant to rapid visual presentation more generally, such as masking and serial vs. discrete image presentation.

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