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Daniel Bub dbub at uvic.ca
Wed Sep 18 14:51:05 PDT 2019

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this Friday's seminar at 3:00 pm will feature Caitlin Mahy, Ph.D. from Brock University

 The title of her talk is:

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The Executive Framework of children’s prospective memory development


How do children develop the ability to remember to carry out their future intentions successfully and independently from adults? This ability, known as prospective memory (PM), relies on a number of cognitive abilities including memory processes and executive processes. In this talk, I will describe the importance of executive control specifically in the development of children’s PM during the preschool years. I will review several studies from my lab that suggest that PM is: (1) affected by cognitive load during the retention interval (Mahy & Moses, 2015; Mahy et al., 2016), (2) related to individual differences in executive control (Mahy & Moses, 2011; Mahy & Moses, 2015; Mahy, Moses & Kliegel, 2014a), (3) helped by an executive reminder only if children have sufficient executive ability (Mahy, Mazachowsky, & Pagobo, 2018), and (4) dependent on memory processes early in development, but increasingly dependent on executive control as children age (Mahy, Mazachowsky, & Lavis, in progress). Based on this work, I will describe the Executive Framework of children’s PM development (Mahy, Moses, & Kliegel, 2014b) and discuss important directions for future research.

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