[CaBSSem] CABS Seminar Friday Mar 29 3:30-5:00: Alison Campbell (COR A228)

Clay Holroyd holroyd at uvic.ca
Tue Mar 26 10:15:53 PDT 2019

This Friday the Department of Psychology Cognition and Brain Sciences Program features a talk by Alison Campbell, from the UVic psychology program. Alison's talk is titled: "Isolating the neural response to highly familiar and self-relevant faces using frequency-tagging and EEG."

"Face recognition is familiar face recognition; we recognize a face based on memory representations that could range from very weak for less familiar faces (e.g., a face briefly flashed 5 seconds ago) to very robust for highly familiar faces (e.g., your mother’s face). In behavioural studies, reliance on these memory representations have been used to explain the great differences found in processing efficiency for familiar compared to unfamiliar faces. However, even these advantages are exceeded when compared to the processing efficiency for a self-relevant stimulus: your own face. In part one of my talk, I will discuss attempts in previous electrophysiological research to quantify familiarity-based face memory and to characterize the effects of self-relevance observed for the own face. In part two, I will give an overview of how we’ve applied a frequency-tagging EEG paradigm (Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation) to isolate processing signals specific to the identification of a personally familiar face (a good friend) and the own-face, and how these signals compare to those elicited by the face of a stranger."

Seminar to be held on Friday Mar 29, 3:30-5:00, in COR A228 (the Reading Room; note the later starting time this semester). Everyone is welcome to attend. Arrive early to ensure a seat!

The seminar schedule can be found here:

Clay Holroyd
Seminar Coordinator​

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