[CaBSSem] TODAY: CABS Seminar Friday Mar 22 3:30-5:00: Juan Vassallo (COR A228)

Clay Holroyd holroyd at uvic.ca
Fri Mar 22 08:58:08 PDT 2019

A gentle reminder of today's CABS seminar. Hope to see you there!


This Friday the Department of Psychology Cognition and Brain Sciences Program features a talk by Juan Vassallo, from the UVic Interdisciplinary program (Music & Psychology). Juan's talk is titled: "Music expert-novice differences in speech perception."

"It has been demonstrated that early, formal and extensive musical training induces changes both at the structural and functional levels on the brain. Musicians are particularly skilled in auditory analysis and this might have effects on speech processing ability. In this study, we wished to determine whether Native-English speaker musicians are less affected by the McGurk illusion than non-musicians, according with the evidence supporting the assumption that individuals with early, formal and extended musical training might show more resistance to the McGurk perceptual illusion and thus higher accuracy identifying the auditory component of the audiovisual mismatching combination present on the McGurk paradigm."

Seminar to be held on Friday Mar 22, 3:30-5:00, in COR A228 (the Reading Room; note the later starting time this semester). Everyone is welcome to attend. Arrive early to ensure a seat!

The seminar schedule can be found here:

Clay Holroyd
Seminar Coordinator​


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