[CaBSSem] TODAY: CABS Seminar Friday Mar 15 3:30-5:00: Kaitlyn Fallow (COR A228)

Clay Holroyd holroyd at uvic.ca
Fri Mar 15 10:12:01 PDT 2019

A gentle reminder of today's CABS seminar. Hope to see you there!


 This Friday the Department of Psychology Cognition and Brain Sciences Program features a talk by Kaitlyn Fallow, from the Department of Psychology (UVic). Kaitlyn's talk is titled: "Lab manuals as a tool for improving research practices and academic life."

"The ongoing replication "crisis" in psychology and other fields has prompted
substantial self-reflection and energized a movement of researchers to
advocate for open science, a philosophy and set of practices centred on
themes of making scientific research more transparent and reproducible.
Although reckoning seriously with some of the identified problems may
involve high-level changes to how research is funded, conducted, and
disseminated, changes in policy and methods at lower levels can still have
an impact. But even researchers who recognize room for improvement in their
own labs and workflows can find it challenging to translate good intentions
into practice. I will discuss some of the benefits and practicalities of
developing a lab manual, an old idea that has had a recent resurgence in the
open science context. By standardizing and documenting research and
administrative practices - and ideally providing clear, specific guidelines
for their implementation - abstract goals such as "making my lab's research
more reproducible" can be turned into more concrete, manageable steps. A lab
manual can also serve functions such as clarifying roles and
responsibilities; making oft-unstated norms, such as authorship conventions
and expected working hours, explicit; and communicating information relevant
to current and prospective lab members with diverse needs and backgrounds,
especially on issues they might be hesitant to ask about directly. I will
outline some of the topics a thorough manual might cover and argue that
transparency regarding lab policy and practice can make life easier for
everyone in the lab."

Seminar to be held on Friday Mar 15, 3:30-5:00, in COR A228 (the Reading Room; note the later starting time this semester). Everyone is welcome to attend. Arrive early to ensure a seat!

The seminar schedule can be found here:

Clay Holroyd
Seminar Coordinator​

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