[CaBSSem] TODAY: CABS Seminar Friday Mar 8 3:30-5:00: Morgan Teskey (COR A228)

Clay Holroyd holroyd at uvic.ca
Fri Mar 8 07:13:04 PST 2019

A gentle reminder of today's CABS seminar. Hope to see you there!



This Friday the Department of Psychology Cognition and Brain Sciences Program features a talk by Morgan Teskey, from the Department of Psychology (UVic). Morgan's talk is titled: "Representations Automatically Evoked by a Depicted Hand."

"Previous research suggests that judging the laterality of a depicted hand generates limb-specific viusomotor codes.  We investigated the nature of representations evoked automatically by the image of a hand when hands were viewed as task-irrelevant primes, and laterality was not explicitly judged. Results from a series of Simon-like key-press experiments show correspondence between hand primes and the responding hand, which is modulated by the view from which the hand image was presented. I will discuss the implications of these findings for spatial and motor-based theories of hand representations."

Seminar to be held on Friday Mar 8, 3:30-5:00, in COR A228 (the Reading Room; note the later starting time this semester). Everyone is welcome to attend. Arrive early to ensure a seat!

The seminar schedule can be found here:

Clay Holroyd
Seminar Coordinator​

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