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In this week's Cognition and Brain Sciences seminar (Friday, 3 PM, Cornett A228), the speaker will be Anthony Marley, Adjunct Professor of Psychology and former chair of the Department of Psychology at McGill University. The title of his presentation is "It is the times of best; the times of worst". Everyone is welcome.

Best-Worst Scaling (BWS) is an extension of the method of paired comparison to multiple choices that asks participants to choose both the most and the least attractive options or features from a set of choices. It is an increasingly popular way for academics and practitioners in social science, business and other disciplines to study and model choices. Linear Ballistic Accumulators (LBAs) are a class of computationally tractable process models from cognitive psychology that have been successfully applied in many areas of (best) choice and response time. This presentation summarizes recent extensions of the LBA framework to best-worst choice, and hence of BWS to include response time measures.

Hawkins, G. E., Marley, A. A. J., Heathcote, A., Flynn, T. N., Louviere,
   J. J., & Brown, S. D. (2014). The best of times and the worst of times
   are interchangeable. Decision, 1(3), 192-214. doi: 10.1037/dec0000012<http://psycnet.apa.org/doi/10.1037/dec0000012>
Hawkins, G. E., Marley, A. A. J., Heathcote, A., Flynn, T. N., Louviere,
   J. J., & Brown, S. D. (2014). Integrating cognitive process and
   descriptive models of attitudes and preferences. Cognitive Science,
   38, 701-735.

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