[CaBSSem] Cognition and Brain Sciences seminar resumes!

Michael Masson mmasson at uvic.ca
Wed Sep 3 10:19:49 PDT 2014

As the organizer of this year's edition of the Cognition and Brain Sciences Seminar (PSYC 577), I am pleased to announce our first meeting. We will convene as usual on Friday at 3 PM in Cornett A228.

This week, in addition to our usual introductory go-round, we will have a featured speaker. Dr. Yukio Itsukushima from Nihon University (http://www.nihon-u.ac.jp/en/), who has been visiting Steve Lindsay's lab this year, will speak on "The psychology of eyewitness testimony: Lessons from 25 years of expert testimony in real crime cases". Everyone is welcome to attend.

Mike Masson

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